Our Featured Projects

Art / installation - The HK Eye

Winner- City Dress-up Competition

The HK eye is a stainless steel sculpture that is inspired by the beauty of the skyline along two sides of the Victoria Harbour. 

The sculpture represents the dynamic, diversity and vibrancy of Hong Kong as represented by the image of the Victoria Harbour. The skyline takes a radial form emerging from the center of the sculpture to represent the kind of dynamic and flux in Hong Kong as a first-class international city.  The skylines of the Hong Kong and Kowloon sides are facing each other invertedly to represent the close interaction and dialogue within different part of the society that makes Hong Kong a successful, loveable place to live. The opening at the center of the sculpture opens up to the actual Victoria Harbourfront in Central. It represents the hope and wishes to the future development of Hong Kong.

Interior Design - Motto Leather Workshop

Interior design at Mira Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui

Art / Furniture - Yuan Chair 元凳


High Commendation Award 

CELEBRATE!2015 Furniture Design Competition

RIBA x HoneD x Merci

Interior Design - Kong's apartment

Apartment of Interior design 

Art / Sculpture - The Wing

Art Sculpture 

Collaboration With Regina Miracle

A"design Award Art categories - Gold Award

The sculpture is designed specially for Regina Miracle international ( group) ltd for their listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Inspired by the company’s signature bra technique - the miracle wing, the sculpture is a pair of wings transformed from a bra. The wing’s form represent freedom, confidence and elegancy which is something that Regina Miracle is trying to deliver to their customer through their product. The sculpture is made from stainless steel with perforated letter patterns taken out from the brand name Regina miracle.

Architecture - Windscraper

First Prize Piraeus Tower Competition

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