El Chapo

Concept for an El Chapo Themed property. Comical copy paired with a clean open design.

UI / UX Design

Webflow Development



The Problem

El Chapo is an in-house concept design for a themed rental retreat, where you can live the luxury life for a few days in complete privacy in a replica of the infamous El Chapo's home.

The Solution

Being a quirky rental, we wanted to make sure to portray that through the website and the copy. We took a lot of creative liberty with this project, and came up with a fun and entertaining design to keep the visitor hooked throughout. We knew this rental would inevitably attract curious minds, so te goal was to keep them focused throughout the rest of the website design and inviting them to want to know more through the copy.

The Result

All in all, we're super happy with the way this design turned out. Thinking outside the box for this project really made it enjoyable to create. We went for a photography based design - as a rental showcasing the property was important, but also fun and entertaining copy with little easter eggs planted here and there. The website was made in webflow with the client-first system.

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